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 Croton large  Croton large
Model: JWS2218
97.00 лв
Ex Tax:97.00 лв
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Model: DR 58 (IK0094)
105.00 лв
Ex Tax:105.00 лв
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 Hanging plant RD71
Model: RD71
Model: RD71Length: 200cmColor: whiteSingle price: 7,00lv with VAT..
7.00 лв
Ex Tax:7.00 лв
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 Ornamental plant on a stalk IVRC07  Ornamental plant on a stalk IVRC07
Model: IVRC07
Model: IVRC07 (RD68)Length: 210cmColor: creamyUnit price: 10,60 BGN..
10.60 лв
Ex Tax:10.60 лв
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Model: DR 27
75.00 лв
Ex Tax:75.00 лв
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Model: IVRC 15 (RD89)
Model: IVRC 15 (RD89)Length: 95cmDiameter: 4.5cmColor: purple, greenPrice for 1 piece: BGN 21.00 incl. VAT..
21.00 лв
Ex Tax:21.00 лв
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Agave s shiroki lista
Model: IK0002
85.00 лв
Ex Tax:85.00 лв
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Model: DR 42
Artificial Allium flower. Height: 180cm. Plant pot excluded...
121.00 лв
Ex Tax:121.00 лв
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Model: Алоказия
Artificial Alocasia plant. Plant pot excluded...
175.00 лв
Ex Tax:175.00 лв
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Model: DR 17
Artificial Amaryllis with pink blossoms. Flower height: 115cm; Plant pot excluded. ..
55.00 лв
Ex Tax:55.00 лв
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Model: DR 18
Artificial Amaryllis with red blossoms. Flower height: 150cm. Plant pot not included...
94.00 лв
Ex Tax:94.00 лв
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American Maple - small American Maple - small
Model: DR 65 (JWT032)
116.00 лв
Ex Tax:116.00 лв
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